Utility Complaint Procedure

The Division receives and investigates consumer complaints concerning utility companies regulated by the Public Service Commission.  If you have a problem with a regulated utility company you should first contact the company, at the phone number listed on your utility bill, and try to resolve the problem directly with the company. If you have tried to resolve the problem with the company and are not satisfied with the results you can file an informal complaint with the Division of Public Utilities. There are three options for filing an informal complaint.

  1. File a written complaint with the Division of Public Utilities. This can be done by mailing a simple letter with the needed information to the Division. The Division's address is:
    Utah Division of Public Utilities
    P.O. Box 146751
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6751
  2. Call the Division of Public Utilities during regular business hours at
    801-530-7622 or 800-874-0904.
  3. Click Here for Online Complaint Submission

If you choose to file a written complaint please be sure your complaint is complete and legible. Incomplete or illegible complaints will be returned. Please state your complaint in simple, straightforward, non-technical language. Decide what you want to accomplish in complaining. Do you just want to vent your frustration about high rates? Do you want your telephone fixed? Do you want to make sure you're being charged the proper rate? Be specific in stating your complaint.

Information Required When Filing an Informal Complaint

Whichever method you choose to file your complaint, you will need to provide the Division of Public Utilities with the following information:

  1. Complainant name (This must be the customer name listed on the utility account.)
    Complainant's complete address
    Utility account number
    Home phone number
    Work phone number
    Daytime message phone number
  2. The name of the utility with which you have the complaint.
  3. What did the utility do which you (the Complainant) think is illegal, unjust, or improper? Include exact dates, times, locations and persons involved, as closely as you can.
  4. Why do you (the Complainant) think these activities are illegal, unjust or improper?
  5. What relief do you (the Complainant) request?
  6. Signature of Complainant and the date signed.

Response to Your Complaint

You will receive a response from either the utility company or the Division of Public Utilities usually within five working days of the day the complaint is received by the Division. However, some responses can take up to thirty days.

Formal Complaint

Formal complaints are the last resort in the complaint process. The Commission will not permit a customer to file a formal complaint unless it seems unlikely that a settlement can be reached through the informal complaint process.

Questions should be directed to Gary Widerburg at the Public Service Commission, telephone 801-530-6713.