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To open any of the reports below, click on the file name and you will get a new screen that asks you to "Open", "Save", or "Save As". Use the "Save As" option and save the file to your desktop. You can leave file name as it is or change it to something that reflects the current year. Then go to your desktop and open the file from there. This will let you modify and save the file without any issues.

 ** Some of the EXCEL forms provided on this website use macros. After downloading the selected forms make sure you have enabled the macro setting. If you are unsure how to do this, please follow this link to the Microsoft page. Microsoft Macro Support **


Company Forms and Annual Reports

The forms are in Microsoft Word 2003, Excel 2003, or PDF format and can be downloaded. You then can enter your data. You must file an electronic copy of the report by APRIL 15.

Please e-mail a copy to the Division at

Utility Company Information Update Request Forms

Telecoms (ILEC's and CLEC's)

Interconnected VoIP Providers 30-day Notice

CPCN Application / Check List for Telecom Companies

Utah Lifeline Discount Reimbursement

UUSF Surcharge Form (Updated January 02, 2024)

Gross Revenue Reports for ALL ILEC's and CLEC's

Annual Reports for ALL ILEC's and CLEC's.

After downloading your report, please read and follow the instructions or the form will not work correctly.