How to Submit a Complaint

DPU facilitates informal customer utility complaints for the Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC may formally resolve a complaint if the utility and customer do not resolve it through the DPU’s informal complaint process. 

The PSC cannot resolve complaints about service it doesn’t regulate, including the following

  • Interstate Long Distance Telephone Carriers (Contact the FCC )
  • Municipal and Improvement District Utility Companies (Contact the municipal or district directly)
  • Cable Television
  • Wireless Phone Service (Cell Phones)
  • Cable and Wireless Internet Connected Services
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Broadband and Satellite Services
  • DSL (Except for Service Quality issues)
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol Services (VoIP)
  • Fuel Oil, Propane, or Gasoline
  • Contracts Between Parties

For complaints not excluded above follow the steps below.

1) Contact your utility company directly.

2) Still unresolved? File complaint with DPU here or call at (800) 874-0904 or (801) 530-7622.

3) DPU will process your complaint within one business day. The utility must respond within five business days of receiving the complaint from DPU. If the problem is resolved, no further action is needed.

4) If you’re still not satisfied you can file a formal complaint by contacting the PSC or DPU can help mediate a resolution if the customer and utility agree