How Do I Apply as a Competitive Local Exchange (Telephone) Carrier?

There are 18 requirements are listed in Administrative Rule 746-349-3 (Competitive Entry and Reporting Requirements / Filing Requirements). Click Here to Download Application Telecom CPCN Application.

A petition to the Commission should demonstrate how the Applicant has met each of these 18 requirements. If the application does not answer all requirements, the Division will submit a data request for the missing items. The petition should include the original plus seven copies and an electronic copy. The data response, if necessary, should include only one copy addressed to the Division.

Once all requirements are met, the Division will recommend to the Commission that the application be approved. Within two to three weeks, the Commission will issue a 20-day notice, which allows any party to intervene. If there is no intervention within the 20 days, the Commission will normally issue an order approving the certificate within two to three more weeks.

The process takes approximately two to three months once all requirements are met. It is not required that a Utah attorney file the petition, nor is a formal hearing held. There is a $100 application fee, which is paid with the original petition.

If there are any questions, you may call Ron Slusher at (801) 530-6426 or email at